Re: Swapping in Circle Was: Re:

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 07/03/98

Cervo <chrisf@PTD.NET> writes:

> ObCircle:  Would anyone know how to go about implementing a swapfile for
> circlemud, without swapping the whole thing to disk.  I've been messing
> with swapfiles, and it seems to me that it is an all to disk, or none to
> disk kind of swap deal.  I was just wondering if there exists an easy way
> to swap portions of the mud not in use for a while to disk, short of
> writing my own version of the linux kernel to run with the mud and handle
> all the memory allocations :P

This begs the question... why?  The Linux kernel swaps very
efficiently.  Heck, even Win95 and WinNT do an okay job.  Why do you
want to do the OS's job for it?  Just let the OS handle swapping.  It
knows much better than you what memory has or hasn't been accessed,
and it can handle it more efficiently.

If you want to play with swapfiling, work on the Linux kernel :)
There's no need for swapping inside of circle, just as there's no need
to code ethernet drivers into it ;)

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