Re: Swap File in Circle

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 07/04/98

> that part of the zone index into the disk wouldn't be a bad idea, and when
> a player enters the zone, loading it from the disk.  As far as mob
> wandering, possibly do it in shifts and go through the zones, for although
> swapping is slow, it is not that slow.  Maybe make a swap array with a
> bool swapped flag to show which zones are swapped.  And also an internal
> timing system to locate prime canidates for a swap.  Also perhaps a way to
> get it almost compatible between the OS's with the exception of a bit of
> ASM code.  I am sure there are better ways of swapping than the cheesy
> ones that I am using, I would be grateful for someone to point me in the
> direction of a web tutorial on swapping or something like that...

i wrote some code a while ago that will unload room descriptions (the
biggest RAM user on the MUD) when that zone isn't in use..this lowers that
total amount of RAM being used at any one time..check out the
desc_load.tar.gz from the ftp site..

just a note..this patch doesn't have olc support, and i had to do quite a
bit of tweaking to make it work with oasis...i'd suggest using it only on
the players port (if you have one)..or check the archives for my
suggestions on getting it to work with me private with any


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