Players file getting goofed.

From: Gordon Forsythe (boah@SPRYNET.COM)
Date: 07/05/98

Lately, some characters in the players file of my mud have been getting goofed
up somehow.  It seems that one character rented out, and was saved with the
name of another character!  Has anyone else had this type of problem before?
My biggest change to the players file has been the code where you get less exp
for killing the same mobs over and over (tho I am thinking about taking it out
*cringe*).  This has only happened four times since January, but the last two
have been within the last month.  I had recently pwiped to insert quest-points
into the players file, and I added a few extra spares, as they were taken up
by clans, # of kills, etc.  I also have the ident code in place.  I wouldn't
go as far as considering myself a newbie coder, but I also wouldn't say I know
how to do much off the top of my head without looking through other pieces of
code for hints.
Eek, well I seem to have gone on too long, and I should have stopped after the
actual question.  If you have any ideas, I'd appreciate it, as I'm goint on
vacation soon.

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