[List Stuff] Snippets Site... Update...

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 07/07/98

Ok, having gotten a couple of suggestions from people on the list, I
have implemented them on the Snippets Site, and finished the current
incarnation of it (this includes uploading the complete snippets archive
to ftp.circlemud.org).

Here's the old message with one or two changes:

The snippets site is getting a pretty major overhaul.  I've gone through
my backlogs and found about 20-25 snippets that I haven't put on there.

Essentially what I'm doing (since the site has become rather unwieldly
and almost unmanageable), is that I'm finally taking the time to split
things up by my perceived type of each snippet.  These types are as

Commands  -- General commands
Mobiles   -- Utilities/functions that affect mobiles primarily
OLC       -- OLC Snippets (I've got *1* of these... *sigh*)
Objects   -- Utilities/functions that affect objects primarily
Players   -- Utilities/functions that affect players
Rooms     -- Utilities/functions that affect rooms primarily
Skills    -- New spells and skills
Specials  -- Special procedures (including exploding monkeys and smurfs)
Wizard    -- New Wizcmds
Utils     -- General utilities, and stuff that doesn't really fit elsewhere
Zones     -- Zone related stuff (new commands, checkers, etc)

I have also left up an index to *all* snippets, but I'm not sure if this
will be neccessary.  There is also a chronological listing available as

In essence, this means:
a) Any links you have directly to snippets will be screwed as of tomorrow.
   Change your links to the Generic Off-Cambot Resource site instead.
b) Finding stuff may be a bit harder at first, but hopefully this new
   system will figure itself out fairly quickly.
c) I may have fucked up the categorization of some stuff, and may have
   even made more categories than are needed.  Let me know as you poke
   through things.
d) I may have broken some links.  In fact, I would be surprised if they
   all work.  Again, let me know about these.
e) There are a bunch of new snippets, so you'll have to find them anyhow.
f) If there's anything out of place or screwy, please let me know sooner
   rather than later.


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