Re: [PATCH] show memory for linux

From: Christian Loth (sg618lo@UNIDUI.UNI-DUISBURG.DE)
Date: 07/08/98

Hi again,

>>  As getrusage doesn't work for linux when it comes to determining
>>the processes memory usage, another solution had to be found. This
>>patch introduces a 'show memory' for linux. Would anyone mind testing
>>it? It's against bpl14. George/Jeremey/etc, if you like it, would you
>>include it in bpl15?
>If it wasn't so dependant upon /proc and lots of #ifdef's, sure.

  Well, I think it's generally a good thing to be able to determine
memory usage from within the mud, especially if you have admins/coders
without shell access, and if you have memory restriction on your mud
account (thus show memory tells you when a reboot is due). It also
shows you whether you curently have a memory leak in code or not. I'd
also prefer a portable way to do it - but obviously there is none
(is there?). Ideas anyone?

- Chris

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