Re: [BUG] Id Num/Player bug

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 07/08/98

        Actually, this is one problem I had run across, the simple fix was a
player wipe. As for what caused it when I ran into it was me being mindless
after long hours without sleep and I removed a spell, entirely. Guess thats
why we make backups as often as we do. Once there is a place for #define
SPELL_BLAH   372    /* DO NOT CHANGE */  I guess they mean it. If you find
out you do not like the spell, simply change the name? But, none the less,
thats when I got it yadda yadda.... All I can suggest is a player wipe, or
to go back to your last backup if it is not too far from the previous code.

- Lord Kyu -

> Has anyone ever come up against this bug? The bug is corupting my player
> file, it is first noticable by a change in the id num. When i type: last
> <player name>
> It gives me a extrememly large number.
> [1730175349] [30 Th] Testchar     : : Wed Jul  8 10:24:00
> 998
> Any input is welcome. Thank you!
> -Kevin

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