Levels and "Stock"yness & msg to Alex

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 07/08/98

Me and my other Implementor were talking today, and we were wondering about
changing the levels from 30 to more.  The only upside we have seemed to be
able to find is that it isn't like stock.  Of course, it allows for more
skills and spells against stock, but we have a different setup and a
proficiency system going in based on Chuck Reed (?)'s excellent base for a
prof system.

Anyway, I personally like 30 levels, and with the current zones, it gives
builders a basis to start our new, original world off of.  And I have seen
muds with 50 levels take longer to reach IMM on than MUDs with 200 levels,
and that isn't a joke.

So, anyway, my point is, is there any REAL reason to change the stock
levels to more?  You learn an assortment of skills and spells based on
join/leave-able guilds and proficiency-type skills in the world.  Hrm,
maybe this was a rationalization.

I haven't found anything to be truly bad with having stock stuff, except
for that people become familiar with how things work and grasp the concept
of your MUD quicker.  (Yes, that was sarcasm.)  We are transforming into a
more role-play environment, with an OOC channel for out of char talk, and
the rest having to be in IC channels.  (bonuses and penalties to rp/non-rp
chars to make it worth their while.)

Anyway, I think that's what I had to say.

BTW, I'll throw out a quick tip to y'all.  If you EVER add anything to
mobs, objs, or rooms, and it's not something required of them, save
yourself some trouble and just add a flag type.  You'll kiss yourself when
your done.  (This knowledge being gleaned from writing a new MUD after
working for another....  *cackle*)

Oh, I guess I'll shove another bit in here.

Alex, there's a few pages that are inaccessable on the snippet site.

The "Specials" and "OLC" folders do not have the permissions set for the
index file.

I like the new format, but when you add stuff, hehe, can you mark which
section you added to this time, and unmark those you didn't?  Just so I dun
have to search through it in the future.

Hrm, I guess this is should be a [LONG]...


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