Re: [Newbie] [CODE]

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 07/14/98

> comm.c--this is called from heartbeat() every 1 second (or is supposed to be,
> but seems to be occuring more often than that).

why don't you post that code?

[code snipped]
>                         next_d = d->next;
>                         log("Checking to make sure RT >= 0.");
>                         if (GET_RT(d->character) < 0) GET_RT(d->character) = 0;
>                         log("Subracting 1 from RT");
>                         if (GET_RT(d->character) > 0) GET_RT(d->character) -= 1;

well..let me ask this: what are you trying to do? from what i can infer,
you are trying to have a combat system that will use calculated speed
rather than standard 2 second rounds..if this is the case, i'd
suggest using the dg_event system to create events that will call the
hit() func (or whatever) would be much less CPU intensive (no
decrementation of a roundtime var)..i did this a while ago using events
based on the dg system (extracted from the dg src, not the patch that is
now available), but didn't like the feel of event based combat..


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