Moderating Command Lag

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 07/14/98

> I'm running a check on certain commands... ie do_kill, I might do this...
> if (GET_RT(ch) < 0)
>   GET_RT(ch) = 0;
> else if (GET_RT(ch) == 0) {
>  ...do_kill code...
> The point is to regulate commands while someone's in roundtime. IE, someone
> cast's a spell on something (offensive or non-offensive, whichever --ie
> doesn't have to start a fight), and they can't type other offensive or
> movement commands for x seconds. Get it? a WAIT_STATE for certain commands..well..why not just use
WAIT_STATE as it is? anyway, if you look at the old dg src, they have a
GET_ACTION event that you could use..basically it works like:

  if (GET_ACTION(ch)) {
    send_to_char("You already doing something.\r\n", ch);

then just create an action event in all of the functions that you want to
moderate..check the archives for the location of the dg src..

> I try to post help more than code, because I'm endeavoring to create a
> completely original MUD (except for DG events, Regen, Color, and
> Abbreviations). But if I post code it won't be original anymore. Hell, if I
> didn't care about originality, I'd be glad to just ftp my MUD to
>! Sorry guys. :-P

um..i was asking for the call to that function in heart_beat()..for all i
know you screwed up the 'if (!(pulse % PULSE_PER_SEC))' check that would
call it every second..shrug..whatever, dude..


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