[Win32(64?)]WinSign; 64 bits

From: Joe DiLascio (OmnousMan@AOL.COM)
Date: 07/18/98

1) For the 2 (less?) people who may have downloaded WinSign from the ftp site,
go back and get the new one (after it gets out of /incoming)... that one has
one less bug: it can display the text more than once (unlike the previous
release).. and the zip is now only 36.6k.

2) Would any Win95-ers out there be interested in a 64 bit flag system? No,
it's not as easy as making them '__int64' instead of 'long'.. there's a bit of
footwork involved processing 64 bits on a 32 bit stack. Anyhoo.. I'll probably
throw together some routines and such, but I'd like to hear what others have
to say.
(hint: You can set up to 30 ( I believe) flags on an unsigned long.. does
anyone plan on having more than that? Like 50 or so?)


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