[NEWBIE] Errors..?

From: Michael G. Payne (dontfearthereaper@DEATHSDOOR.COM)
Date: 07/18/98

I am adminning a MUD that is approx 99% stock CM right now, and one of the
other admins just went in and deleted all the stock zones and crashed the
MUD for a few days until I got back online just like an hour ago.  I went
back through FTP and removed the zones he took out from the index and
index.mini files in every directory.  When i went back into the shell and
did a sh ./autorun, I got the following error:

./autorun: line 92: 28375 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) bin/circle
$FLAGS $PORT >>syslog 2>&1

Also, I checked the syslogs and I get a buttload of errors like:

Jul 19 00:22:46 :: Assigning function pointers:
Jul 19 00:22:46 ::    Mobiles.
Jul 19 00:22:46 :: assign_kings_castle(): can't find mob #15029.
Jul 19 00:22:46 :: SYSERR: Attempt to assign spec to non-existant mob #3105

If you think it would help, I saved the entire syslog, send me an email (not
to the list) if you want to look at it.


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