Sorting desc_list(who, user, etc) & limits

Date: 07/21/98

   In attempt to sort the who list, I made this simple funtion that will
sort the descriptor_list by level.  Anytime the characters level is
changed, the list is updated appropriately.

The function:
void sort_desc_in_list(struct descriptor_data *d)
        struct descriptor_data *temp, *prev;

         //* If this is the only desc return
        if ((descriptor_list->character == d->character) && !d->next)

         //* remove the desc from list
        REMOVE_FROM_LIST(d, descriptor_list, next);

         //* find the correct spot fo the desc
        for (temp = descriptor_list,prev=NULL; temp;) {
                if (temp->character && (GET_LEVEL(temp->character) <
GET_LEVEL(d->character))) {
                           //* We've found the spot...put in here
                        d->next = temp;
                        if (!prev)
                                descriptor_list = d;
                                prev->next = d;
                } else {
                            //* If this is the end, stick desc here.
                        if ((temp->character != d->character) &&
!temp->next) {
                                d->next = NULL;
                                temp->next = d;
                           //* Step to next in list
                        prev = temp;
                        temp = temp->next;

The function simply removes the descriptor from the list, and reinserts it
in the right spot.  It sorts only by level, and not by character name.

To use it, I called it from nanny right after it loads the player..

 store_to_char(&tmp_store, d->character);
 GET_PFILEPOS(d->character) = player_i;


and add it in the do_gain_level(I think thats the one), do_set, or anywhere
wlse the players level is changed.

One more thing.....
   I have changed the way that the obj/mob limits work.  I added a
max_exist variable to index_data so that no more than max_exist can exist
anywhere on the mud at one time.  I also changed zreset to first check for
index_data.max_exist first, then check the args of the xone command for
max_in_room, max_in_container, and max_in_mob, etc.  This provides much
better control on the num_exist and resets of mobs/objs.  if anyone is
interested, I can pull out all the code changes, and send it to the list,
or ftp site.  Just e-mail me if interested.


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