[CODE][NEWBIE] Intelligent Sentinel Mob

From: Phil Summers (Phillip.Summers@TIUK.TI.COM)
Date: 07/21/98

Hi all,

I'm probably being a dope but...

I'd like to create an intelligent (ish) Sentinel mob for example a pet
that follows you around (say a parrot) and steals things from other players or
NPC's (like gold) and speaks at the same time (say 'Pieces of eight....').

Anyway, looking through the code in mobact.c I see that a sentinel mob cannot
move of it's own accord, and therefore the spec-proc is not called for
that mob, it is only called when someone else in the room moves.

This gives me things like

  Phil squawks 'pieces of eight'

whereas what I really want is

  The parrot squawks 'pieces of eight'

Sorry if this is a dumb question or just plain stupid.

Thanks in advance


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