Re: hackers and security 98 06:40:05 am

From: Joshua French (jfrench@UMR.EDU)
Date: 07/21/98

I advise doing offsite backups of your code on at least a weekly basis,
this will save you lots of anguish from malevolent people, and is useful
if the site goes down via hard drive failure, etc.

As far as having your code stolen in general, it's pretty safe to say
that you did business with the wrong folks.  One idea, if you had access
to a public ftp on your site is to make your code available to coders,
and have them all code offsite.  Sure they may steal your code, but if I
was looking for coders, it would be because I'm still working on a very
stock version of a MUD and having it ripped off is no big deal.

As far as site providers who rip you off.  Well that's why you pay for
your own site, or have a friend that will hook you up.

In closing, I'd like to point out that email filters are the perfect way
to ignore fools who insist on sending crap to this listserv.


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