Re: CODE: Advanced Mounts

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 07/21/98

>> Well, I am currently working on a rather advanced mount system and was
>> interested in some input or info about previous experiences with mounts.

>I would recommend something in the playerfile actually that contains a

Anyhow, the way I did mounts was to make stables all around the world.
There is a max number of stables that can be in the game (something high
like 200) and I added this to the playerfile:

struct stable_data {
   int stable_vnum;
   int mount_vnum;

struct stable_data *sstored_mounts[MAX_STBLE_NUMS];

You could only store one mount per stable, and can only retreive mounts
from the stable you put them in.  I have the actual code around here
somewhere . . . lemme see if i can dig it up.


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