Re: Slashdot

From: d. hall (dhall@OOI.NET)
Date: 07/25/98

>>>>> thus on Fri, 24 Jul 1998 19:26:06 -0400, George wrote:

> Anything in general, I don't have a purpose yet, but not meant to work
> like a mailing list.  (That'd probably kill my machine.)

>> If it's only news, the Freshmeat approach may be better.

> Perhaps, but they don't have comments on everything and I have the
> Slashdot code working already anyway. Don't think freshmeat gives it out.

> I'm thinking more along the lines of FTP site/snippet archive (as in what
> they do and URL, not containing the actual files) with comments, polls,
> and other general information. (Perhaps articles on DG scripts and such.)

Sounds more like a Circle newsletter, then anything else.

Although it was unintentioned, I didn't mean to raise alarm about canning
the mailing list.  I just figured if you open up a forum of discussion on a
website (which is what slashdot is), you'll draw away attention from the
mailing list.

If you just tack on commetns to specific snippets, kinda like "Dual Weapon
patch for Circle bpl 14", comments such as "very easy to install", "had no
problems", "be careful for warnings", etc...

> I just have to 'pretty it up' at the moment and think of a name...

Circle Press? =)


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