Win95 Autorun

From: I Chose No Name (MUDaholic@AOL.COM)
Date: 07/26/98

For anyone that wants it, here's an autorun for Win95:

@echo off
cd C:\frollo\circle30
src\circle >> C:\frollo\circle30\log\log
if exist pause goto PAUSE
if exist fastbo~1 goto FASTBOOT
if exist killsc~1 goto KILLSCRIPT
echo [Rebooting in 60 seconds]
choice /n /cb /t,60>nul
goto START
erase fastbo~1
echo [Rebooting in 5 seconds]
choice /n /cb /t,5>nul
goto START
erase killsc~1
echo ***************
echo * GAME KILLED *
echo ***************
goto END
erase pause
echo ***************
echo * GAME PAUSED *
echo ***************
echo [Press enter to reboot]
pause > nul
goto START

Explanation: change all 3 C:\frollo\circle30 occurances to your directory.  If
you do not have the win95 log patch, remove the >> C:\blah blah\log\log.  If
you do not want the 60 second pause at normal shutdown, remove the echo and
the choice lines.  Same for fast boot.  If you want to force-reboot, press 'b'
(without quotes) at the [Rebooting in X seconds] line in the DOS window.  That
should be me if you need any additional help, or want some help
configuring it for your personal computer.  To use this, type 'autorun'
(without quotes) in the directory you put it in (I use C:\frollo\circle30\
where *nix autorun is located)

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