Re: [BPL11] easy color patch

From: Mitch (learn@IPA.NET)
Date: 07/27/98

>i recently patched in easycolor from the contrib from the ftp site
>it works fine but when i type something like:  say &R say
>hi in red but then all text turns red and stays red until i type
>look......any ideas why that would happen?

I haven't actually seen the code from that, but I'm guessing that if you
look at the code, you'll probably see that there should be a command at the
end of a function to change the color's a psuedo-code example
(cause I don't know what the real variables/function names actually are):

void changeColor(variable newColor)
    variable color;
    color = currentColor;
    currentColor = newColor;
    // Insert the displayed text here
    currentColor = color;

The first two statement and the last statement are probably the kind of
things that were left out of easyColor....please let me know if I'm

Mitch (

"The only thing in the way of my learning is my education"
    --Albert Einstein

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