Re: [BPL11] thief flag

From: Jon Nielsen (nikolai@MONTANA.COM)
Date: 07/27/98

> From: Scorn <scorn@RMI.NET>
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> Subject: Re:  [BPL11] thief flag
> Date: Monday, July 27, 1998 5:57 PM
> ok with player thieving off you cant steal so no flag is turned on......
> the same way if pt on then flag isnt initiated becuase the game thinks
> all right.  Now what i want to do is have pt on so you can steal then if
> you steal from another player *boom* flagged thief.  As is currently set
> that doesnt happen a god must set the thief flag this is all leading to
> setting corpse to only be looted by the owner or suffer a thief flag but
> first i must find out why it doesnt/or how to make it initiate a thief
> flag.
> Scorn
Hmm. You could have a corpse value for the ID Num of the
player the corpse belongs to and if someone tries to take
from a corpse that's not theirs, they get a flag.

Beware, if there are more than one corpse in a room, they
could accidentaly take from the wrong corpse.

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