[NEWBIE][CODE] How to remove autoattacking?

From: Mundi King (kingmundi@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 07/29/98

i want to experiment with a different attacking methodology, the
outline of the scheme i wish to implement is to do away with having
the player automatically attack his opponent every round,

in fight.c
under perfrom_violence


i put this command within a if (IS_NPC(ch))
so that mobiles would still attack, but players would

i tested this, by doing some mock combats, and instead of using kill
fido, i used kick fido, ( i figured i would come back and rework the
kill command to work more like a skill),

using kick, combat proceeds fairly close to the style i am trying to
accomplish, except if i type kick fido 12 times really fast...  they
get put into a que, where it waits however long the wait state is for
the kick... and you just sit back and wait a while for the 12 kicks to
cycle through

what i would like instead of this,
you type kick fido...     you kick fido
you type kick fido...      the mud returns a message
        "you must wait 2 seconds"
you type kick fido...      the mud returns a message
        "you must wait 1 second"
you type kick fido...       you kick fido

i would like to know, if anyone could point me to where the que for 12
kick fidos is getting stored,
my apologies if this question is just too newbie

also, is this sort of question, that i have asked here, more inline
with sending it to help database email, and not so appropriate for the
mailling list?

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