[DG Scripts] [bpl 14] Seg fault

From: Bryan Britt (beltane@BELTANE.COM)
Date: 07/29/98

With a clean stock bpl 14 with the DG+Oasis patch applied, running on
Linux 5.1, the game will shut down with a segmentation fault.

You can run the game and it will sleep without error.

Once a connection is sensed, and the game enters the main loop, the
routine record_usage() in comm.c runs every 5 minutes.  This puts the
"nusage" line in the log.  The routine runs successfully the first time,
but the second time, (or in prep to run it) it seg faults.  This occurs
at exactly 10 minutes after the game wakes up.

The error did not occur until I applied the DG+Oasis patch.

Any ideas?

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