Re: [Newbie] [BPL11] [LONG] MOBPROGS & Peek

From: Ryan Gasper or Steven Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 07/30/98

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Scorn wrote:

> ok this is a newbie question.......i just succesfuly installed mobprogs and
> in the game they all seem to work no errors or nothing, but as i force a
> mob to do all these things i was dg events or some other
> trigger based codes need to be in there too.....if not then how would i get
> the mob to do any of these things?  And if so are the on the ftp site?
> Scorn
        Ummm... how about writing a script for the prog? either manually
or through OLC.

> "I learn as I go"
        Thats abundantly clear.

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