Re: [CODE] stop_fighting() question <>

From: Kevin Doherty (kdoherty@JURAI.NET)
Date: 08/01/98

Thus spake "Phillip A. Ames" <kirk47@JUNO.COM>:
>>Can anyone explain me please, what are the following 2 lines for?
>>>>>  if (ch == next_combat_list)
>>>>>    next_combat_list = ch->next_fighting;
>>Next_combat_list is global variable, it is never used anywhere, except
>>perform_violence, but it is overwritten here... :I
>>(sorry for my English:)
>Not that I know that much about MUD code, or any kind for that matter,
>but I'm assuming by the context that it's if the character is under
>attack by multiple mobs(i.e. assisting mobs), and that its used to start
>them fighting the next one in their queue of mobs to fight....  But I'm
>not sure...

Actually the original poster is right, next_combat_list isn't used at all
within the function after that, and when next_combat_list is used in
perform_violence, its previous value is thrown away anyway. My guess is
this had some purpose at one time but other code changed that made it

Kevin Doherty,
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