[CODE] CRASH ?????

From: The Realms of Tremaria (tremaria@CYBER-SAFARI.COM)
Date: 08/05/98

Here's our situation...
We have the MOB:
cleric minotaur vengeance~
a minotaur cleric of Vengeance~
A minotaur cleric of Vengeance is here watching all.
a k -1000 S
25 0 10 25d10+200 2d10+0
20 200
8 8 1

When this MOB is killed and the corpse is trying to be created,(make_corpse)
gdb gives the following:
#0  0x8082d78 in obj_to_obj (obj=0x8c31808, obj_to=0x8c316f8) at handler.c:697
697             for (tmp_obj = obj->in_obj; tmp_obj->in_obj; tmp_obj = tmp_obj->in_obj)

It only occurs in this MOB, what is causing it to crash?
If we remove gold and no equipment...there is no problem and the equipment
placed on other MOBS doesn't crash it either.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for any help....

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