Re: [CODE] CRASH ????? (follow up)

From: The Realms of Tremaria (tremaria@CYBER-SAFARI.COM)
Date: 08/06/98

>I'm sure the problem isn't with the MOB file.  However, do you use
>OLC?  If so, load the mob up and make sure it isn't carrying anything
>and then write it back to the database.  (I've seen a similar problem
>with a mob that was written back whilst fighting, the mob was a mage,
>when the mob loaded up, the mage spec proc was called, and bingo, mud
>died due to no opponent, but I digress).

Just want to note, the problem was with the MOB file.

>I feel that the problem is an equipment pointer still floating
>around.  If you used OLC to write the mob back whilst carrying
>something, and it loads up and restores the pointers (doubtful, but
>I'm guessing here), when it dies, these pointers are pointing to an
>area of memory *not* used by an object, and the mud goes belly up.

The problem was actually that the short_desc of the MOB was too long.
Once we shortened its length, there were no more problems...

Has anyone ever had a problem with this before? And what is the MAX length
of a short description for a mob?

R o T

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