Re: do_who boot time high question

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 08/07/98

> Ok, I've written my own do_who and right now Im trying to add a boot time
> high to it, currently I've tried this but it hasn't worked, can you see
> whats wrong, because I can't seem to figure it out, thanks in advance.
> at the top of the file in the defines I got:
> static int boot_high;
> and then at the end of the file I got:
> if(num_can_see < boot_high)
> {
>    boot_high = num_can_see;
> }

Do you really mean at the end of the file?  Or do you mean as part of
the do_who command?  If it's not part of the do_who, then it won't be


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