Re: bitvectors

From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM)
Date: 08/07/98

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998 13:38:05    I Chose No Name wrote:
> did someone say something about getting them up to 64
> by doing some little change? mebbe i'm just
> remembering things bad...if there is any easier way
> to getting more bitvectors (the 128 bitvectors patch
> screws your world files)
> please tell me :)

Certain machines support a 64 bit long long type.
It gets you 64 bits, but for certain bitvectors
(most notably the AFF_xxx one) even this may not
be enough ;)

As for the 128 bitvector patch, there are two utilities
on the snippets page to convert all your files (though
they are both written in Perl, so you need Perl on
your server).  It isn't too difficult, and should not
be a limiting factor...
(now converting to bitfields *IS* considerably more
difficult ;)

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