From: Ryan [BossTone] (realitymud@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/10/98


This whole mud stealing and deleting was from my mud.  I saw a few posts
before saying that I should back up my mud, and of course I had a backup
on my home computer on my linux drive.  I would not be that stupid to
just keep it an unsafe place.  See, the one problem with the site was
the security.  Anybody could get on if they knew the password and only
the root could change the password from the shell account.  However,
the root did not know how to change it.

The truth of the whole matter is that both Bosstone and I had 2
shell accounts on this same server.  One day Bosstone let a friend
on his shell account and the his friend hacked the password file and got
the password.  Someone logged on under my mud shell and deleted
everything.  I lost probably a days work since I backed it up that
day before.  I cannot tell you honestly who deleted it.  I looked at the
history and it showed rm -r * done at an earlier time.  Still, I do not
know who did it for sure.

As for Destroyer, he might have been in a really bad mood that day he
sent all of those posts to this list, but the dissatisfaction of losing
something that you are working so hard on is hard to swallow.  He did
NOT however steal my mud.  We are both imps on the mud still working
very hard on a safe server.  I don't plan to see anymore set backs like
the one before.  I just want this whole mud stealing thing to drop.  I
don't care that it happened at that time because the mud was still kinda
weak.  We have added a lot more areas and a lot more code, so that old
mud basically sucks in comparison.

So, please just let it drop.


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thanks man. :)

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