Vehicle Code

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 08/10/98

Hey everybody...  Upon downloading Chris Jacobson's vehicle code, and
with some help from him, I've gotten it working.  However, now I'd like
to expand it to include checks for whether or not it's a space vehicle or
ground vehicle.  I've gotten it to 99% work, but still have one problem
that's bugging me.  Space vehicles can drive into space and ground rooms,
and ground vehicles can only drive into ground rooms, so they work...
Below is the system of checks I use to determine if the vehicle can go
that direction or not.  If anyone can tell why this problem is occuring,
I'd be grateful, and if you want the code I've added to this to get it
this far, just send me a private e-mail.  Thanks in advance!

} else if (!IS_SET(ROOM_FLAGS(EXIT(vehicle, dir)->to_room),

(!IS_SET(ROOM_FLAGS(EXIT(vehicle, dir)->to_room),

(!IS_SET(ROOM_FLAGS(EXIT(vehicle, dir)->to_room),

(!IS_SET(ROOM_FLAGS(EXIT(vehicle, dir)->to_room),


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