[DG Scripts] Possible bug?

From: Tah Hansen (friday@MADBBS.COM)
Date: 08/11/98

I have been fooling around with dg scripts and trying to
make a functioning deck of cards. There seems to be
a bug in the while...done loop handling section of
the script_driver function in dg_scripts.c.

cmd is declared as an array of char at the top of the

char cmd[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH], *p;


        if (loops == 30) {
          process_wait(go, trig, type, "wait 1", cl);
          free(cmd); <<--- this line causes the mud to crash
          return ret_val;

  Also, add_var doesn't seem to do anything with the context id
that gets passed to it. It never sets the context of the variable,
and it doesn't check for the context when it's searching for the
variable name.

Tah Hansen

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