Re: [IDEA] New feature suggestion, comments please...

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 08/11/98

> All,
> My players want me to add a command to allow PC's to have sex and produce
> offspring.  Does anybody have any feelings on this?  I guess there's quite
> a few issues here.

Personally, I would be extremely careful *who* you give access to
this, if anyone.  The opportunities for abuse, virtual rape, and
psychological problems are vast.

Code wise, it isn't really a problem.

On the human side though, a few points;

1. What happens when two mudders, who have genuine feelings for each
other, perform this cybersex, and create an offspring.  Some bozo
then comes along, and kills the child.

2. If you do not have a system where both characters need to have sex
with each other (i.e a command sets a char_data to point to your
intended partner, and vice versa.  The code checks that both parties
have the correct partner, and if this is passed, sex occurs), rape
can occur.  You do *not* want to be involved with virtual rape cases.

3. What happens if two characters, having a laugh create loads of

4. What happens to the offspring? who controls it? does it follow
normal MOB rules?

5. What happens when the child ages?

6. blow this for a lark (bad turn of phrase perhaps), there are a
great many issues here.  Can you provide me/all with an idea of how
*you* would implement the system if you went ahead with it?


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