[IDEA] Re: PC offspring.. my two cents

From: Joseph Kingry (jkingry@UWATERLOO.CA)
Date: 08/11/98

> From: Phil Summers
> Subject:  [IDEA] New feature suggestion, comments please...

> My players want me to add a command to allow PC's to have sex and produce
> offspring.  Does anybody have any feelings on this?  I guess there's quite
> a few issues here.

It would seem to me that you don't need a system.  PC's relationships and
results in this case can be an entirely role-playing matter.  I assume your
mud is heavy on the role playing side.  In this case I think it would be
best if they just role-played having the child etc.  When time came that the
child would be able to "adventure" he/she could be entered as a new
character etc.  I don't see a pressing need for a code based system to
handle this when role-playing should suffice.  This way you avoid having the
child killed, people getting raped etc. etc.

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