[Off -Topic??] Hol MUD

From: Joseph Kingry (jkingry@UWATERLOO.CA)
Date: 08/11/98

        Just thought I'd introduce myself and put out the project I'm working on. I
know C, C++ code so I'm not a newbie in this respect, but learning
circleMUD's code is going to take a while. I can't wait for CircleMUD++ (4.0
maybe :) ) Ahhh well... in any case I plan on opening a MUD, and I wanted
something different, so I've decided to use CircleMUD as a base and develop
Hol Mud, based on Black Dog games (pen name of White Wolf games) Hol.

        What I mean to do is to convert the MUD's systems to reflect those of Hol.
I have a few problems with the concept though, and I guess only those
familiar with Hol would be able to help me.

1. Mud's are really based around character advancement (or at least to some
degree) How would you handle this, what is advancement in Hol?

2. Character creation process? (or lack of one in the rulebook)

Those are the main problems.  Sorry if this is too off topic, if someone
wishes to direct me to an appropriate channel for this discussion I'd be
more then happy to oblige them.

Thank you,

Joe Kingry

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