Re: [Newbie][BPL11] Remort

From: Warren Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/14/98

Well, I found that "remort" was kind of hackish and smelly, so I decided
to run with it in a new way.  This being one of those little things that
(I hope) makes my MUD unique, I won't flat out give the code.

Create an integer array the size of NUM_CLASSES in char_data.  Call it
Create a macro (gasp!) of GUILDLEVEL(ch, i) (ch)->guildlevel[(i)]

Account for creation of character, make it so that all their guildlevel
values are set to 0, and then when they start, the class they picked is
advanced by 1.  See advance_level().

Add it to the save/load of character data.

mag_manacost will become hackish, as it checks through each class to see
if the character has reached the necessary level in it.

Fix up list_skills, do_advance, etc. to handle this as you would like.

The result is that characters can be more interactive in the character's

Basically, if you set it up how I have, the character will advance levels
in the guild they are in, and then if they change guilds, they still have
the skill, but they start out at level 1 (or the level they were at, if
they were in the class before) of the new class.  They have a byte for
level also, so that their level remains constant.

Bob the Cleric reaches level 5, and he changes guild to warrior.  He
remains at level 5 of Clerichood, begins at level 1 of warrior.  He
reaches level 5 of warrior (he is now at level 9, 5 natural, 1
"freebie" for the switch to warrior, plus 4 more warrior levels).  He
switches back to Cleric, and continues off at level 5 of the cleric guild.

A loophole:  If they go and join and leave each guild at level 1, they
will have all of the beginner skills.  Solution is to limit class changes,
or to require the character to get the "level 1" level of the guild they
switch to.

This lets people be a jack of all trades and master of none, or they can
go carefully through and become a truly powerful master of a class.  How
does this relate to remort?  Well, you can give them some nifty
stuff/bonuses at immortality, and then remort them to level 1.  Their
guildlevels stay.

If you want more information, I've got a patch that has part of the
skeleton of this guild system...


On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Del Minturn wrote:

> Andrew Jones wrote:
> >
> > This actually goes against what the main concept of remorting is about,
> If you have spells that take over 100+ mana to cast, the warrior will
> never be able to cast them unless you change the ability to gain mana
> each level or have equipment that raises mana.

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