Re: [CODE] Several Coins

From: Andrew Jones (andjones@MCI2000.COM)
Date: 08/15/98

What I would do is search through your source for occurences of 'bank_gold',
make sure your searching for it with out reference to it being upper or
lower case.  Then just add the new coin type where that is, this way you
willl also get to modify the do_score, and do_stat functions so you can let
them view it.  But also make sure to code it that it means something, in my
mud I used to within the meta store here's a patch for that:
there are a couple other meta patchs at the same location but this is the
one I used.  Have fun and code well.
> Hey all. Just wondering if anyone has implemented multiple coins. ie,
> platinum, gold, silver etc. If anyone has, could you give me some
> pointers on implementing this into my mud? Thanks...
> -- Andrew.

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