Re: a little question that might not be possible

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 08/15/98

On Sat, 15 Aug 1998 18:09:01 -0400 "Michael J. Fara" <mulder@CLOUD9.NET>
>Hmm ok, I have no involvement in it, I'm just very attentive to who
>stuff ;)
>was just curious
>ill be quiet now and stop wasting bandwith/sending useless messages to

Well, hate to point this out to you, but that was wasting bandwidth and
sending useless messages.  However, if you do feel the need to do this,
then at the end of your message please add something circle-related,
preceded by the words ObCircle.  An example is below :)

Has anyone here used the language snippet from Alex's page(the first one
available) and added a command to allow players to choose which language
they're speaking in?  I'm trying to get it so that players can set the
language they're using at different times, to communicate with other
people using that language.  Also, how would I go about making it so that
whenever a player logged in, it would set the default language(called
"standard" in my MUD) to be 100%?  Thanks in advance!!


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