Re: Transportation devices

From: Kieran Sobel (ReaperKS@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/15/98

I'm going to try my hand at helping you out with this problem but I am not
familiar AT ALL with the vehicle code.

>It's supposed to be vnum, I wanted to use that because all my vehicle
>rooms are towards the end of the zone table, and if some builder was
>working on their zone and created a new room, it would throw the object
>values off.

It is impossible to char_to_room using a vnum. So use the "real_room()"

In short, change
        char_to_room(ch, beamup_room);
        char_to_room(ch, real_room(beamup_room));

I can't help ya with all those errors that you've been getting. My experience
with the vnum/rnum problem (my first project, the infamous recall command) is
that it will compile with the vnum, but when used it will crash the mud, so I
doubt that is your main problem. But I hope it help anyway.

- Kieran of Darkening Skies
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