From: The Mookow (micron@NET.BLUEMOON.NET)
Date: 08/16/98

I have added the a guild patch that is no more than the skill/spell
trainers. the boot_the_guilds functions starts off the same as
boot_the_shops(without a few ints) yet it keeps crashing at the
fread_string.... I know it crashing there on its first rin throught because
i put several
'log("Fine Here.");'s around and it only made one... the first, in the log.
Sorry if this is simple, i just dont understand this.


void boot_the_guilds(FILE * gm_f, char *filename, int rec_count)
  char *buf, buf2[150];
  int temp;
  int done = 0;

  sprintf(buf2, "beginning of GM file %s", filename);

  while (!done) {
    buf = fread_string(gm_f, buf2);
    if (*buf == '#') {  /* New Trainer */


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