Newbie? Half_Chop (Casting syntax)

From: Brett Williams (OKJinx@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/16/98

Alright, i'm cutting the casting syntax. Using half_chop? but I'm havin some
problems... Ok turning it from: cast 'spell' target into: cast spell at target
<with arguments> (things in <> are optional)

Lets say they type: "cast drain life at drake"

((in spell_parser.c:do_cast))

char arg[250], arg2[250];
char *s, *t;

*s = '\0';

half_chop(argument, arg, arg2);

sprintf(s,"%s", arg);
half_chop(arg2, arg, arg2);
if (arg != 'at')
  sprintf(s,"%s%s", s, arg);

Should I do it something like that or is there an easier method? do/while loop
perhaps? I looked at the msg in about language word for word, and it had a
parser but I'm not sure if thats what I'm looking for. Any help on this matter
would be greatly appreciated, I'm not used to these functions. Thanx..


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