Re: [bpl11] Remorts again

From: Jon Nielsen (nikolai@MONTANA.COM)
Date: 08/16/98

>   one_argument(argument, arg);
Why do this?

>  vict=get_player_vis(ch, arg, 1);  *****I WAS MISSING THIS *****
Erm, aren't there only two arguments for get_player_vis?

>  if (!(vict == ch)) {
>   send_to_char("Hey!  You can only remort yourself.\r\n", ch);
>  return;
I'm sorry, but this doesn't make much sense at all to me. Why not remove
whole vict part and just do something like:

if (*arg) {
  send_to_char("You can only remort yourself.\r\n", ch);
/* otherwise they just typed 'remort', so remort them and get rid of the
tedious other crap */

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aquire wisdom, one must observe."
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