Newbie? parse_room

From: Brett Williams (OKJinx@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/16/98

I'm changing the lighting system of my mud. Taking the byte value that usually
means the number of light sources world[].light and making it a specific
number 5 being magical light to bright to see, -5 being magical darkness to
dark to see. I was adding this to parse_room:

Where it parses extra descriptions or directions, or stop:: Line 785 of bpl14

    switch (*line) {
    case 'L':
      world[room_nr].light =
    case 'D':

I wish to make it if they have a L the following line contains a number of the
light, otherwise it defaults to the 0.

I would just like some input how to read it? fread_string?


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