Re: [CODE] Slay

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 08/17/98

> >        I know you can start a fight with a mob by casting a violence
> >spell, but I don't wanna have to!  So I made this.  It edits the do_kill
> >command so that you can type kill fido and you will fight the fido.  Yet
> >there is a new command called "slay" that lets you still instantly kill
> >mob or player. "slay" will not let you kill a player.  If you want to
> >a player use the command "pslay". ;)  Lemme know at the above email
> >address if you are using my code so I know it's in use.  Etc. Peace out!

        Please excuse the age of this topic, I have been out of state away from my
computer as well as my access provider for a month. I have not read all of
the messages I have gotten since getting back a couple days ago, but I have
taken the time to make sure what I am about to say here wasn't already
said. At least, as far as I know unless someone changed the subject and
answered it.

        It scares me to say this, though I am worried about the future of up and
coming CircleMUD's when a topic like this arises. If you wish to attack a
mob without killing it instantly there is a command called "hit" in stock
CircleMUD that will do just that. This command is there for everyone and I
was surprised that nobody mentioned it. Before you start coding new
commands and spending a lot of time on coding for your MUD, it might be
wise to know everything you can about the game, from a player aspect, a
builder's aspect, and then, in final, a coders aspect.

        Once again, sorry for the lapse in time duration. There may be following
messages that have the same delay. I hope this doesn't inconvience anyone.

- Lord Kyu -

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