Fw: The answers to your questions...

From: Rony Cooremans (rony.cooremans@VILLAGE.UUNET.BE)
Date: 08/17/98

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Jochen <Jochen.D@Village.uunet.be>
Aan: Rony Cooremans <rony.cooremans@Village.uunet.be>
Datum: maandag 17 augustus 1998 19:07
Onderwerp: The answers to your questions...

>Hi we arte Jochen and Rony
>We (the guys going to set up the server) didn't expect such a massive
>response from you (by the time this is written we've received about 15
>request). It took us some time to decide on how to answer your requests and
>questions. But i'll start by introduceing ourselves:
>We are five university students studying IT. We wanted to have our own
>serverfor experimental and educational puposes. So we searched a place to
>install our server. Unfortunately, ISP charge inpossible prices so we had
>continue searching. Recently we heard of four companies starting a
>together, they had only one problem: how do you get to be known. And that
>where we come in:
>We made them an offer they can't refuse: we create an ftp-site and
>and get visitors, and you provide us with a physical connection to the
>internet. The official request will be delivered to them this week.
>Inofficially we've got an OK from three of the four partners but we needed
>an extra stimulus, that is why we've posted the offer now. And with the
>of response we've had, i think we'll get permission.
>Ok, after this short introduction i'll try to answer your (many)
>>How much hard drive space will I receve?
>We thought 50MB of basic space would be enough. This space is growable
>depending on how many visitors you have and how many zone's you have. Some
>muds will start higher because they already have a quite large world or a
>of players. You'll also get the opportunity to put your own webpages on the
>server, you'll get a mail account too.
>>How many people will be able to connect at one time?
>I have absolutely no idea...

lets say about 50 or so

>>How many telnet ports will I receve?
>I have absolutely no idea..., how many do you need?

err a mud only neds one no (except one for building and one for coding then

>>What percentage of CPU usage will I get?
>We'll devide what we have, we also thougt it might be possible to give you
>more depending on the number of open sockets.
>>What OS will the server have?
>LINUX (what did you think)
>>What version of linux is it slackware Redhat or some other?
>I think we'll install RedHat 5.0 (other suggestions are welcome)
>>Where in the world is this server based?
>Belgium (in Europe)
>>How many muds do you plan on running on this server?
>As many as the server can take...
>>How much will it cost?
>This might surprise you but IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! There is one thing we
>like you to do, that is any webpage placed on our server contains a banner
>of our sponsors. And we ask you to help promote the mudcentre we're going
>set up.
>>Other usefull info:
>There are some limitations to TCP trafic, the server we're connected to is
>connected with a 64K - line and the companies shareing the server we're
>connected to don't like to be cut off because of heavy traffic to our
>The computer we'll be using is a Pentium 100, we'll put in 4Gb hard drive
>(maybe 6Gb), 64Mb mem (maybe 128Mb) and we might be able to get a second
>server so we can put the mudcentre and ftp-site an a diffirent machine.
>The domain name will be something like mud.krans.com.
>We will also put a mirror of the circle mud ftp site on our server.
>We encourage mud-experiments (snippets, irc, ...).
>We hope to be fully operational by mid September, anyway, we will let you
>know personally when server comes online...
>Since this is the first time we're stating a server any help from you is
>Also ppl who want to help building the mudcentre are welcome to do so.
>>Then i like to conclude this with a request to you: we would much
>appreciate it if you'd send us some information about resourceusage of muds
>(or your mud in particular). Any information you give us about memory, CPU
>or TCP usage will help us to serve your mud even better....
>I know i forgot to mention loads of stuff, when i recall them i will let
>In the mean time any questions, remarks or whatever can be mailed to

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