[OLC] OasisOLC v1.6b for bpl14

From: Warren Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/17/98

Well, I got bored.  Anyway, there will be an OasisOLC v1.6b for bpl14
patch on the circlemud.org ftp site as soon as someone moves it.  This
patches cleanly, no rejects against stock code.

# Note to George/Jeremy/Whoever moves the file:
# Please delete both "OasisOLCv1.6b-bpl14.patch.gz" and
# "OasisOLCv1.6b-bpl14.real.patch.gz".  The correct file is
# "OasisOLCv1.6b-bpl14.realreal.patch.gz".  You could rename that to the
# above filename if you'd like.

Question:  Why does sprintbit() use a const char *whatever[] as of bpl14?
If my memory serves me, it wasn't constant before.  Does this create a
problem?  I question this because, I could in theory make a clan code
which creates a character array that would not be a constant, and in
theory use sprintbit.  Why the `const'?

Oh, and finally, this precludes the release of OLC+ for bpl14.  Could the
author of Hedit v2 contact me so I know whether or not to include it in
the package?


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