Re: Newbie? Longterm Time format

From: Brett Williams (OKJinx@AOL.COM)
Date: 08/18/98

No, its not a spell that wears off. Longterm is actual Real Time wait for
Permenant affects in the game. I do not actually think you could Animate a
Skeleton, Zombie, Ghoul, or anything instantaneously. Preserve the corpse,
then you cast the spell, which has a casting time of 8 seconds or so. Then you
begin "animating" which takes a certain amount of time according to your
ability at that spell. 100% will be done in about 1 minute, 50 in about 4? I'm
not really sure, I've still got to tweak it but I would like to fix the base
time first... perhaps placing the ending time in a variable? And check that if
it matches the current time?


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