Re: Train, Mounts, Pets, And Stables

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 08/19/98

> From: Lord Kyu <>
> To: CircleMUD Mailing List <>
> Subject: Train, Mounts, Pets, And Stables
> Date: Wednesday, August 19, 1998 6:42 AM
>       Here is an idea I was debating on using for my realm. I was thinking
> for the most part that pets were useless, and were only used in rare
> ocassions when a player was being social or was really roleplaying how
> wanted their character to be.
>       I was thinking of making it (if not that way already, been awhile since
> looked at the code) so NPC's got part of the experience when they
> the group in killing something. If that NPC was a pet, a follower of a
> party member, and charmed, it would be possible for the master to save
> pet in a stable or other such place. This is something a lot of people
> done already. I was also thinking that the master of the pet could use a
> "train" command and raise their pets abilities. Now, for me this works
> well, where as I use a "raise level" at the guild to get to the next
> rather than it being an automatic.
>       It would be almost the same things for pets, except they would not have
> be in the guild. You could train the pet, say a wolf for instance, by
> typing "train wolf level", or also have other things like the ability to
> raise stat points, or hitpoints, mana or movement. I think this would
> pets a lot more valuable. If I used this system I would probably alter
> "score" command so that I could type "score wolf" and see the stats of my
> pet, that way I would know if they had enough experience to level, or to
> raise in something else.
>       I was wondering if anyone has done such a thing and how it worked for
> them. I am not interested in coding, I am able to do all of that myself.
> am just wondering if there is anything I should be careful of, and how it
> has affected those who may have tried this system already. Thank you all
> for your time.
> - Lord Kyu -

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