converting real_room into virtual?

From: Michael J. Fara (mulder@CLOUD9.NET)
Date: 08/19/98

alright, well I have modified my rent/character loading very much.

GET_LOADROOM is now used by the innkeeper so that the person always returns
to where they rent. Start rooms are still used as hometowns and for the
recall spell.

Well, as my MUDs' world gets bigger, it is taking players a long time to get
to new zones away from the main cities. I have created a new spell called
'retreat' as an alternative to recall. It will bring you to where you last
rented, rather then your hometown (start room)

However, it seems that within the spell, the MUD is attempting to send the
person to the real room number of the loadroom and not the vnum.

This is the code I have. For example, say my loadroom is 3008, it will send
me to vnum 6260. "You are in room 6260 (real room: 3008)."

How do I fix this? Can anyone help? I usually don't have any problems
programming additions into the MUD but this one is really odd.

here's part of the spell code in which the moving of the char takes place:

    char_to_room (victim, GET_LOADROOM(victim));
    act ("$n appears in the middle of the room.", TRUE, victim, 0, 0,
    look_at_room (victim, 0);

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