From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 08/20/98

>I am thinking of going back to basic. Ad&d ac system :Human's have a base
>8 ac leather making it one less ,but if using leather and a shield it
>would be 2 less, so giving the players total ac 6 with armor 8 no armor
>and then dex is added in and if the dex is say +2 to reaction making that
>players ac 4, but thats taking in the consideration the player is armored
>and not surprised. if unarmored and surprised you go back to what there
>base is. Very simple ::))

Lemme just tell you that players aren't gonna like this too much, because
it is taking features out of the game in essence.  Like whoever it was
said, CircleMUD allows you to create your own armour combination, and it
makes hunting for a 'complete' set of armour one of the main features
people like on circle.

> Just a thought.
>I was wondering if anyone had came up or used the idea of weapons breaking
>or speed factors? or even some kinda spec proc to where you and your party

Yup.  We have a chance for any item to break (weapons can break, armour can
get damaged, then break after taking enough damage).  The chances are
dependant on the hitroll and the damage done.  For instance, in the old
ad&d games, the lower your hitroll, the less skilled your attack.  Now, if
you roll a 3 and still end up hitting your target, you've hit them with a
shitty hit.  If you smash the flat end of your sword (shitty hit . . . uh
huh) against your enemy and do a HUGE amount of damage, your swords gonna
snap in two.  Also, if someone clubs you for a huge ammount of damage on
your helmet, it's gonna get dented.

>get to partake in a huge battle .
>Example of spec_proc: Your character has enuff money to build a castle or
>house somewhere on the mud(this is where the spec-proc comes in) a group
>army of mobs come in trying to ransack your house or castle!

Hmm, never tried just because I'd rather do it with a team of switched
immortals.  Maybe you could look over the path editor someone came out with
. . . I think it did somehting along these lines.

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