From: TorynMUD Staff (toryn-mud@HOME.COM)
Date: 08/20/98

Yolan:   Regarding the clan patch...   I tried, like you, to hand patch it a
long time ago, right when it first came out...
and I too came up with the same error.  My suggestion to you is become a
little unique, and use that patch as a basis for an originall clan system.
I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful, just remember that your own code
looks much better in a mud rather than a bunch of snippets...and besides,
lots of the snippets and patches are mere outlines, which you can build on,
and make into your own.  So open up the files and poke around, you'd be
amazed at how a little "tweak" here and there can make you and your mud look
"that" much more unique and intriguing.
                Azerlin, TorynMUD Staff - 5000 [not open to
public just yet]

Yolan wrote:

> I have installed a copy of the clanpatch file(clan_patch_tar.gz). I got it
> installed okay after installing it by hand, but there is a bug in the
> codeing. When you type clan edit [num] EX. clan edit 1 it gets into the
> editor, but then it disconnects you.
> Does anyone have any Idea why this happens?
> I will be very gratefull,
> Yolan
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