Re: [bpl12] Gain ... & Transportation

From: Carlo Mocci (mocci@TIN.IT)
Date: 08/21/98

At 13.00 21/08/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Allow me to reply with the only spanish I know
>Dunde esta la pala? (Where is the shovel)
>Mucho Bueno

It was obviously a private reply.. and it was italian.
BTW, there was no need report all of my message when replying

I'm planning to add a mounting/transportation system to our wilderness. I
have different ideas:
-simple: mount like an object that can be hold, or put in a new position
-more complex: mount like a mob (i.e. horse): with MovePoints that reduce
faster if mounted (it gets the MvP drain of the rider). Can be given food
to restore move points, can be rented.

I know that something exists as snippet, but I haven't been able to found.

Any advice ?

Carlo Mocci -

Coder of Dalila MUD 4000

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